Deidre Knight

New York Times bestselling author Deidre Knight is proud to answer to the titles of literary agent, mom, wife, southern woman, and novelist. She founded The Knight Agency in 1996, and has grown it to national prominence, shepherding clients onto every major bestseller list.

Deidre began her writing career at age nine, when her award-winning essay on Barbie was published in her hometown newspaper. Her dream of writing romance came true in 2006 with her debut Penguin series, The Midnight Warriors, which launched with PARALLEL ATTRACTION. The PARALLEL series has been praised by reviewers for its "brilliant characterization, edgy suspense and highly charged sensual elements." The full series reads in this order: PARALLEL ATTRACTION, PARALLEL HEAT, PARALLEL SEDUCTION, PARALLEL FIRE, PARALLEL DESIRE.

Deidre's acclaimed contemporary romance, BUTTERFLY TATTOO, has been labeled "a rare and different gem." The book was praised by Publishers Weekly as a "weepy and affecting" read, and is featured on several Top 100 Romances of all-time, including NPR's 100 Most Swoon-worthy romances. An ULTIMATE EDITION of BUTTERFLY TATTOO publishes summer of 2016.

For fans of her paranormal romances, Deidre's GODS OF MIDNIGHT series, featuring immortal Spartan warriors who team up with human demon hunters in modern day Savannah has been lauded as "powerful, sensual and mind-blowing." The series can be read in this order: RED FIRE, RED KISS, RED DEMON, ON THE HUNT (which includes RED ANGEL), RED BLOODED and RED MORTAL.

Deidre also writes male/male romance under the name Cooper Davis, with tales ranging from paranormal to historical fantasy.

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